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Is Religion to Blame?
June 06, 2017 07:52 PM PDT
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We are back after a couple weeks off, and we are excited to get back to it. This week we discuss something that has always been an accusation towards religion. Is it to blame for wars and hate? Join us as we discuss what our reaction should be to this type of rhetoric.

#46 Gender Roles in the Church
May 02, 2017 08:25 PM PDT
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We can't shy away from the tough subjects. That's why here at AT we talk about the issues that face the church today. Complementarianism and Egalitarianism are words that you might not be familiar with yet, but by the end of this episode you will know where you stand on the issue it addresses. Check out the episode!

Confessing Faculty: Sins of Evangelicalism?
April 25, 2017 07:51 PM PDT
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We aim here at Ambassador Talks to keep you up to date on current issues and viewpoints. This episode is no different. Confessingfaculty.org encapsulates a statement signed by Christian Universities on the some "National Sins" that they see in our current political climate and in Evangelicalism as well. Tune in to hear our responses and form your own opinion on this statement.

#44 Hank Hanegraaff: The Tradition Answer Man?
April 18, 2017 08:27 PM PDT
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We mean no disrespect by the title, but it's a question that needs answering. He recently "converted" to Eastern Orthodoxy and we discuss if this is a big deal. Many say that evangelicals are leaving their faith or denominations. We discuss the facts and future of these moves.

#43 The Truth about Easter
April 11, 2017 07:26 PM PDT
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We close out our look at the resurrection and Easter in this episode. We talk a few more evidences, but focus on the events leading up to the crucifixion and the events directly after that give us the hope we need. Tune in for the good news!

#42 The Truth About the Resurrection Pt. 2 W/Ben Minton
April 04, 2017 08:17 PM PDT
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We continue our mini-series on the Resurrection. Ben Minton from Apologetics Discipleship is back with us for more fact checking. This time we discuss the minimal facts approach taught by Dr. Gary Habermas and Dr. Michael Licona. You don't want to miss this great discussion on why we have faith in the most important event in history.

#41 The Truth about the Resurrection Pt. 1 W/Ben Minton
March 28, 2017 07:38 PM PDT
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As we near Easter, we wanted to shift our focus to the major event of all History, the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ben Minton from Apologetics Discipleship is with us to discuss this topic that we are unapologetically passionate about. Few things exist that we can your life depends upon it, but this news is that very thing. Thanks for joining the discussion.

Tomi Lahren, Justice Alito, and Hostile Winds
March 21, 2017 07:58 PM PDT
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There is little doubt that America is changing. It always has, but are we really progressing? Or are our attempts to grow actually a regression. We talk current events, and Justice Alito's comments on a hostile wind towards traditional moral beliefs.

#39 Are Our Kids Deists?
March 14, 2017 08:18 PM PDT
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On this episode of Ambassador Talks, we discuss something called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. It's wordy, but it was a study done by UNC Chapel Hill about religion and adolescents. Tune in to learn about the state of their beliefs and maybe our own as well.

Post Christian America
March 07, 2017 08:17 PM PST
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What do we mean "Post Christian"? Join our discussion as we talk about living in a ever growing secular country. America's worldview is and has been changing for quite some time. What can the church do about it? Is it too late?

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